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济南住人集装箱的便利性来源:http://iyda.net   时间:2018-08-14
集装箱活动房,集装箱住所,是指主要以集装箱为根底资料稍经改造而成为有窗有门的房子。装箱房生产厂家 集装箱房常见于修建工地作为工人的宿舍运用,也有人作为租借房子运用,坚固耐用,搭建便利。因而,集装箱房也被称为住人集装箱。集装箱住所的构思早已得到广泛应用,一个集装箱略微改造一下,就能摇身一变成为有窗有门的温馨小屋。
Container movable room, container residence, refers to the main container as the basic information slightly transformed into a house with windows and doors. Container room manufacturer's container room is often used as a worker's dormitory in the construction site, but also as a rental house, strong and durable, easy to build. As a result, container houses are also known as people living containers. The idea of a container residence has long been widely used, and a slightly modified container can be transformed into a cottage with windows and doors.
工地民工之暂时住处,在布吉一处工地邻近,民工们住的正是这种集装箱房。这些房子是租来的,给修建工人居住,一个18平方米的集装箱房里,能够放5张铁架床,*多可住10人。除居住外,集装箱房还可做办公室、会议室,乃至厨房  因为住人集装箱并不在政府答应之列,想住这样的蜗居只能躲在偏僻市郊,或委身于立交桥下,乃至一些在建工地旁,偶然有来租借集装箱的个人,也是那种在路旁边开小杂货铺、小商店的,几乎没有用来自住的。
The temporary residence of migrant workers on the construction site is near a construction site in Buji, where they live in such container rooms. These houses are rented for construction workers to live in, an 18 square meter container room, can put five iron frame beds, * more than 10 people. In addition to living, container rooms can also be used as offices, conference rooms, and even kitchens, because residential containers are not in the government's agreement, want to live in such a snail can only hide in remote suburbs, or commit themselves to the overpass, and even some construction sites, occasionally have to rent containers to individuals, is also the kind of roadside drive small. Grocery stores and small shops are hardly occupied.
1. 修建钢材强度高。 塑性耐性好强度高,适用于缔造跨度大、高度高、承载重的结构。
1. the strength of steel is high. The plastic resistance is good and the strength is high. It is suitable for the construction of large span, high height and heavy bearing structure.
2. 塑性好。 结构在一般条件下不会因超载而突然开裂,只增大变形,故易于被发现。此外,尚能将部分顶峰应力重分配,使应力变化趋于平缓。耐性好,适宜在动力荷载下作业,因而在地震区选用钢结构较为有利。
2. good plasticity. Under normal conditions, the structure will not suddenly crack due to overloading and only increase deformation, so it is easy to be found. In addition, some peak stress redistribution can be made, so that the stress changes tend to be gentle. Good durability, suitable for working under dynamic load, so the selection of steel structure in earthquake area is more favorable.
3. 重量轻。 钢材容严重,强度高,做成的结构却比较轻以相同 跨度接受相同的荷载, 重量轻,可减轻根底的负荷,下降地基根底部分的造价,一起还便利运送和吊装.
3. light weight. Structures made of high strength and heavy steel are lighter to accept the same load with the same span, lighter in weight, which can reduce the load on the bottom of the foundation, reduce the cost of the bottom of the foundation, and also facilitate transportation and hoisting.
4. 原料均匀,力学核算假定比较契合 钢结构实际受力状况个工程力学核算结构比较契合,在核算中选用的经历公式不多,然后核算上的不定性教小,核算结果比较可靠.
4. The material is uniform, the mechanical accounting assumption is more consistent with the actual stress state of steel structure, the engineering mechanical accounting structure is more consistent, the experience formula used in the accounting is not much, and then the accounting uncertainty is small, accounting results are more reliable.
5. 制造简便,施工周期短。 钢结构件一般是在金属结构厂制造,施工机械化,准确度和精细皆较高,加工简易而敏捷.钢构件较轻,衔接简单,装置便利,施工周期短.小量钢结构和轻型钢结构尚可在现场制造,简易吊装.钢结构因为衔接的特性,易于加固、改建和拆迁.
5. the manufacturing is simple and the construction period is short. Steel structural parts are generally manufactured in metal structure factories, which are characterized by high mechanization, accuracy and precision, simple and agile processing, lighter steel components, simple connection, convenient installation and short construction period. Small steel structures and light steel structures can be manufactured on site and easily hoisted. Move.
6. 密闭性好。 钢结构的钢材和衔接(如焊接)的水密性和气密性较好,适宜于要求密闭的板壳结构,如高压容器、油库、气柜、管道等。
6. good airtight. The steel of steel structure and connection (such as welding) have good water tightness and air tightness, and are suitable for plate and shell structures which require sealing, such as high pressure vessels, oil depots, gas tanks, pipelines, etc.

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